Jennifer Field Nutrition is an online clinic that aims to empower men, women and children in the UK, US and Europe to take control of their health and achieve lasting results.

The significance of nutrition on our health and general well-being cannot be emphasised enough. I'm here to help you navigate the overwhelming amount of nutritional information available, ensuring you make choices that contribute to your optimal well-being in the present and the long term.

It's widely recognised that proper nutrition is crucial for maintaining good health and well-being. Nutritional Therapy is the use of foods, dietary counselling and support to help you reach your health goals. Nutritional Therapy uses nutrition and lifestyle changes to address a wide range of health concerns, making it an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle. I prioritise providing nutrition and lifestyle guidance grounded in intelligent and readily accessible information. I steer clear of any sermonising, criticisms, trends or unproven science. If you are looking for help navigating to a healthier you, you've come to the right place. 

What is Nutritional therapy?



I'm Jennifer

I'm a BANT-qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist.

Scientifically supported Nutritional Therapy is something I firmly believe in. To help you achieve your fitness and health goals, I take a personalised approach that involves identifying any underlying imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms and addressing the root cause of any health issues.

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IBS and digestive disorders



Areas of focus

Sports health

Let's explore the possible root causes of your symptoms. Each person's health journey is unique, and I don't believe in generic solutions or protocols. We'll consider factors such as your genetic disposition, epigenetic influences, environment, stress levels and diet.

elderly health

fatigue and energy loss

Womens health

mens health


Skin health








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Sarah Danielles, uK, Womens Health

"Jennifer's research, expertise, and compassion have made navigating the complexities of menopause much easier and she has demystified this confusing topic. This journey has become smoother and more understandable with Jennifer's support."

Charlotte Davids, UK, Weight loss

"After years of trying different diets, I've finally found successful weight loss with Jennifer's expert guidance. Her awesome mix of evidence-based research and caring support has been a game-changer in navigating the confusing food trends and fads. I've discovered a sustainable and effective path to reach my weight loss goals, thanks to Jennifer."

Dan clarke, IReland,
 Sports nutrition

"Thanks to Jennifer's guidance, I've learned about the vital role that the right nutrition plays in enhancing my performance in both the gym and competition. Her emphasis on the importance of nutrition has helped me improve my results and recovery. "


"Thanks to the invaluable support and expertise of Jennifer, I have successfully reversed my pre-diabetes and lost over 2 stone. Jennifers's customised nutrition plan, insightful guidance, and unwavering encouragement have been instrumental in my journey to a diabetes-free life."